Service “Shahri Bekhatar”

The “Shahri Bekhatar” service is a subscription, with the help of which the subscriber will be able to receive information about fines in the traffic police, the type of violation and their number, as well as view photos of the violation at any time..


Cost of the service: from the moment of connection 7.00 somoni per month, including all taxes.
  • The vehicle number is set by the subscriber after the service has been activated and instructions have been received via SMS.
  • When a fine appears in the database transmitted by the traffic police, information about it will be sent to the subscriber. Information about one penalty will be sent to the subscriber once when it appears.
Service activation:
  • To connect the service, the Subscriber needs to dial the command *0008# and the send call button, familiarize himself with the cost and confirm his consent to activate the service with a “1” number. After activating the service, the Subscriber will receive an SMS notification about the successful activation of the service and instructions for further setting up the profile from the short number 0008: “The Shahri Bekhatar service has been successfully connected. To complete the setup, send an SMS number of your car and registration certificate (Example: 1234AZ01-AZ1234567) to 0008. The cost of the service is 7 TJS/month. Service deactivation *0008*0#".
  • After successfully setting the car number, 2 (two) SMS notifications will be sent to the subscriber:
  • “Number 1234AZ01 saved. To change the car number, send an SMS with the text Replace-0000XX00-XX0000000 to 0008 (where 0000XX00 is the car number, XX0000000 is the technical certificate). The cost of changing the number is 7 TJS. For information about current fines, send an SMS with the text STATUS to number 0008".
Service deactivation:
To disable the service, the subscriber can use one of the following methods:
  • Send SMS to short number 0008 with text "STOP" or "STOP".
  • Dial USSD request *0008*0#.