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Call forwarding

The function allows forwarding incoming calls of your mobile phone to any other mobile, landline, international phone indicated by you, where international number will require identification of corresponding country and operator code.
To activate (deactivate) «Call forwarding» function, need to refer to the menu of a mobile phone.
The telephone number to which calls are forwarded should be indicated in international format, such as:

+992 93 XХХ ХХ ХХ or 992 92 XХХ ХХ ХХ.

The function is available by default at the moment of signing the contract. No subscription fee will be charged. Calls that forwarded to another phone number are billed in minutes from the moment of connection in accordance with assigned tariffs depending on direction of calls.

Call divert (no reply)
Call divert (no coverage/switched off) **62*number#
Call divert (when busy)
All diverts
Divert all calls
Disable forwarding


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