Mobile transfer

The service “Mobile transfer” – it is an easy way to transfer funds from 1 TJS to 10 TJS for subscribers from their own account to balances of other users.

  • It is necessary to type a command: *188* (subscriber’s phone number)*(transfer amount)# For example: *188*9ХХХХХХХХ*10#
  • The phone number of the subscriber must be typed in a 9-digit format: «network code» «phone number». For example: 92 ХХХ ХХХХ or 93 ХХХ ХХХХ.
  • The transfer amount needs to be specified in rounded figures. For example: 5 or 10.
  • The minimum balance after the transfer must be at least 0,50 TJS.
  • The service is available for the transfer of funds between 92, 93 and 77 network subscribers.
  • The subscriber can transfer funds in the amount of not more than 200 TJS during the day.
  • The service cost is 0,20 TJS (including VAT and excise tax) for every transfer. This cost is automatically deducted from the amount of money transferred.
  • The service is available for all commercial tariff plans except internet tariffs.
  • For obtaining information about 5 last money transfers, it is necessary to type a USSD-command: *188*3#
  • Important to know!

    1. Dear Subscriber! Please be careful when dialing the recipient’s phone number and the amount of the transfer! Funds transferred to another subscriber’s account using this service are non-refundable. The company is not responsible for the transferred money to the wrong number.
    2. Transfer of funds to tariff plans within Next line is possible unilaterally. Therefore, you may transfer funds to balances of subscribers within Next line tariff plans, but not vice versa.