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Active Assistance

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Through «Active Assistance» Service, you can send a request to other subscribers within Tcell network asking to top up your balance.

To send a request to the subscriber you need to type the command star.gif1.gif8.gif9.gifstar.gif (subscriber’s phone number) star.gif (requested amount) hash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif. Request is free. Number format must be in 9 digits. For example: 93 XXX XX XX.

In the event of receiving a request from the other subscriber to top up his/her balance to a certain amount, for confirmation, you must type the command star.gif1.gif8.gif9.gifstar.gif (subscriber’s phone number) hash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif.

Requested amount can range from 1 to 10 TJS.

The service cost is 0,20 TJS including VAT and excise tax, and is deducted from the amount of transferred funds;
The service is available for transfers between subscribers in 92, 93, 77 networks (except in TP «Next» lineup);
During the day, it is possible to send a request to 5 different subscribers only.

To receive information about the last 10 sent requests, you need to dial
To receive information about the 10 most recent confirmed requests of money transfers, you need to dial

You can only send two requests a day to the same subscriber and it does not matter whether your request has been confirmed or not.
If the subscriber receives two requests from the same user during the day and both of them have not yet been confirmed, then in the case of confirmation, the last request will have the priority; the first unconfirmed request is canceled.

Your request will be denied if the requested subscriber has a debt on the «Temporary payment» Service or insufficient funds on his/her balance.

If the requested amount exceeds the remaining balance of the subscriber, the maximum possible amount of transfer will be sent with confirmation request.

To establish a ban on the receipt of requests, type
For the lifting of the ban on the receipt of requests, type

Receiving funds is available upon request for subscribers of all tariff plans. Sending a request and receiving funds is impossible from subscribers of tariff plans Next, Businessman, Hamkor and Internet tariffs.


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