“Salomati” options

Caring for your safety from Tcell and BIMA Insurance!

Option title Option fee Insurance amount* USSD-command for activation
Salomati 5 5 TJS 500 TJS
Salomati 10 10 TJS 1000 TJS

* Insurance payment will be made in cash or by transfer to the bank account of the Insured/Beneficiary by BIMA Insurance.
  • Important to know!

    1. Rates are including VAT and excise tax.
    2. Options are available for connecting to absolutely all Tcell tariff plans.
    3. Validity period of the option – 30 days from the date of connection.
    4. The validity of the insurance payment is 60 days.
    5. Insurance assistance:
    a. BIMA insurance Call Center 5511 for subscribers;
    b. The insurance period is set per 1 calendar month in the amount of 500 or 1000 TJS, according to the optio;
    c. If subscriber has not paid monthly fee, insurance will not be provided;
    d. Regardless of the injury, the full amount of insurance will be paid;
    e. In case of an accident, subscriber must notify BIMA within 60 days;
    f. The insurance territory is the whole world except zones of military conflicts;
    g. When activating "Salomati" option the subscriber receives SMS notification about insurance information and contact information. www.bima.tj;
    h. In case of death if subscriber is insured, relatives can receive a payment in the amount of insurance according tariff plan;
    6. The following cases do not fall under insurance!
    a. As a result of deliberate actions, to obtain an insurance package;
    b. As a result of suicide or attempted suicide;
    c. During the war, armed clashes;
    d. As a result of alcohol poisoning, as well as in case of poisoning as a result of consumption of narcotic, medicinal and / or psychotropic substances without a doctor’s prescription;
    e. Due to acts committed while intoxicated;
    f. As a result of engaging in any kind of sport: auto, motorcycling, any kind of equestrian sport, air sports, climbing, martial arts, shooting;
    g. When driving any vehicle without the right to drive, while intoxicated or drug intoxicated;
    h. Due to causes directly or indirectly caused by the Insured's mental illness, paralysis, epileptic seizures;
    i. As a result of pregnancy, childbirth and / or their complications.