Reduction of tariffs for roaming services in the Ucell Uzbekistan network!

Share your impressions of ancient Khiva, majestic Bukhara and magnificent Samarkand with your family, using roaming in Uzbekistan with discounted prices!

Communicate, share photos - Internet in roaming from Tcell now costs only Diram 0.50 per megabyte! To activate available roaming dial the command *601*1#.

With roaming from Tcell, Uzbekistan is getting closer than ever!

Call type
Tcell (Available roaming in Uzbekistan)
Incoming call (min)
2,50 TJS
Outgoing call to Tajikistan (min)
4,00 TJS
Outgoing call in the host country (min)
3,00 TJS
Outgoing SMS 0,50 TJS
GPRS (Internet), 1 MB 0,50 TJS


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