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«Engster – Learning English»

“Engster – learning languages” - an interactive service for learning English. After the subscription, the subscriber receives daily questions on knowledge of English with multiple-choice answers. There is a possibility to increase or decrease the level of difficulty, and track your results. In addition, this given service provides the translation of words from an explanatory dictionary.

Service directions for use:

Daily fee
Connection Disconnection
Engster – English
0,60 TJS
*6100# *6100*0#


The cost of sending an SMS to number 6100 – free.
The service is available for all tariff plans in Tcell network.

How the learning happens:
Every morning you will receive an SMS-message containing the word in Russian or English language and its translation options. 
Sending SMS-messages is carried out not earlier than 11:30 local time. The exact time of the message sending is determined randomly within six hours after the above-mentioned earliest value.
If you answer, you are asked the next word to be translated. 
If you do not respond, the connection is not made any more within a calendar day. The answer is possible by sending an SMS with the corresponding serial number.

Learning plan:
Words that you receive to test your knowledge are selected from the learning plan. The learning plan words come from the following sources, in descending order of priority:
If you repeatedly have correctly entered word translation in one direction, from English into Russian, and the other - from Russian into English, it is assumed that you have learned it. The word is excluded from the learning plan and transferred to the vocabulary.

Vocabulary and levels of difficulty: 
The service provides levels and sub-levels of difficulty. Their differences are in the complexity of the words that you use for learning. For example, “Newcomer” (1) - this is the simplest 100 words in the English language. 
By default, a new user is assigned a level of “Beginner” sub-level 2. This means that the default selected word learning, starting with the 800th on the complexity.
For initial filling of the database of words and their level of difficulty, you can use the database with the most frequent words in the English language.

Table of difficulty levels:

Number of words in learning plan
from 1 to 6
up to 600 words
from 1 to 4
up to 1000
from 1 to 8
up to 1800
from 1 to 7
up to 2500
from 1 to 15
up to 4000
from 1 to 10
up to 5000
from 1
over 5000
If you are offered complex words for your level of knowledge, you can decrease the level / sub-level of difficulty by sending a “-“ to number 6100. To increase the level / sub-level may also be done by sending a “+”. Increasing the level / sub-level occurs automatically in case you "learned", i.e. transferred to the vocabulary 100 new words. This is reported to you via SMS.