Interactive game «2048»

Service «Game 2048» embodies the dreams of many gamers. Now you can get real cash prizes for winning the game. The game «2048» is really exciting, and it is great not only to pass the time in line or public transport, but also to do it for your own benefit. 2048 perfectly develops logical thinking, strategic planning skills and spatial imagination.

Rules of the game:

The playing field for 2048 is a 4×4 square, on which two tiles are already open in the starting position. They can be arranged as you like, the options for the initial arrangement are «2» and «2», «2» and «4», «4» and «4».  «Knuckles» can be moved to one of the four sides (if the location does not interfere with this), while when two tiles of the same denomination collide with each other, they become one tile, the value of which is doubled. A feature of 2048 is that the entire playing field moves to the border, and not individual columns or lines. After each such move, a new tile of denomination «2» or «4» appears on a random empty cell. The game is considered lost if you have no moves left (all cells are filled with «knuckles», there is no way to combine them).

The game includes scoring. The current score for the game and the best personal result are displayed in the upper right corner. The winner of the game is the player with the highest best result in 24 hours. At 00:01 every day, 10 winners are determined who receive cash prizes and then the results of all players are reset.

The subscription price is 0.9TJS. In this case, the player is given 3 attempts in the game "2048". At the same time, during the day, the player can get additional attempts, the cost of each of which is also 0.9 TJS.

The daily prize fund of the game "2048" is 170 somoni, which is distributed among 10 winners in the following ratio:

  • 1st place - 75 somoni,

  • 2nd place - 30 somoni

  • 3rd place - 20 somoni

  • 4th-5th place - 10 somoni for each player

  • 6th-10th place - 5 somoni for each player

Link to game “2048”: