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SMS-services of «VKontakte»


Users of VKontakte can use the services of free SMS-Notifications that allow getting information about received private messages and news of communities as per your subscription.

How to activate:

  1. You have to assign your mobile phone number to your account in VKontakte.
    In order to do so, please visit VKontakte at using your login and password, move to “My Settings” and in General Settings Tab and find “Your Phone Number” Item.
    After entering your phone number, you will receive an SMS-message with confirmation code that needs to be entered in a special window on website of VKontakte.
  2. In “My Settings” Menu, go to “Notifications” Tab and find “SMS Notifications” Item.
    Click on “Receive SMS-Notifications” and set the parameters of notifications in a convenient way. You can choose frequency of notifications and users that you want to be notified about.
  3. In order to receive notifications about news in communities you are subscribed to, it is required to:
    - subscribe to the new of a Community in VKontakte Network;
    - visit official webpage of the community on Internet;
    - find widget VKontakte and put a tick on “Subscribe on SMS”.

    Please pay attention that this function is available only for those communities that have official VKontakte widget on their official webpage.

How to deactivate
In “My Settings” Menu, go to “Notifications” Tab and find “SMS Notifications” Item. Then:

  1. To turn off notifications only on received private messages, set “Never Notify” in “Private messages” Menu.
  2. To turn off notifications on news of communities, click on “Community News” for the community that you do not wish to notified of and confirm deactivation of SMS-notifications.
  3. 3. To turn off all SMS-Notifications, remove the tick from “Receive SMS-Notifications” Item.

Cost and other terms
SMS-Notification Service is free for all subscribers.
Notifications about received private messages are sent from one of the following short service numbers: 3001. 3002. 3003. 3004.
Notifications about news in communities are sent from short service number of 3005.


After receiving notification on private message, you can reply to this message by simply sending reply message to the same number. Text of your reply will be displayed in corresponding dialog in “My Messages” Section.

How to activate/deactivate
Ability/blocking the ability to send “SMS-replies” is provided together with activation/deactivation of “SMS-Notifications” Service.

Charge for every outgoing message to any of the following short service numbers: 3001. 3002. 3003. 3004 is set in accordance with rates for outgoing messages of your tariff plan.

Posting messages on the wall
You can post any text on your wall in VKontakte by sending it as an SMS to a short number of 3005.

How to activate/deactivate
Service is available for all subscribers and does not require activation.

Each outgoing message to short service number 3005 is charged according to outgoing message rates of your tariff plan.


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