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Sending SMS using Agent

Using Mail.Ru Agent, you can send free SMS messages!

In order to send an SMS, please open dialog window of the recipient and switch to SMS Tab.
If your contact did not include any number, then the application will give you an option of “Indicate the number”. Telephone numbers of contacts can be indicated in the personal data of the contact. Remember that the numbers should be indicated in full, including the country code and code of Service Provider (Operator).

Example,  to send an SMS to the Tcell subscriber’s number it is required to dial: +99293 ХХХ ХХХХ.
The number entered by you will be kept only on your computer and will not be accessible to other users. After entering the number in the dialog window, you can type your message in the SMS tab.
You can include text smiles in to SMS message using image194.gif button.

Pay attention to the “Autotranslit” Box. If the box is not flagged, your message will be sent the way you typed it (including Cyrillic Symbols). If the box is flagged, then Cyrillic letters will be replaced with corresponding Latin letters, which will let you increasing the length of your message for approximately 3.5 times.

Due to limitations of the length of SMS, you cannot enter more than 142 Latin symbols or 42 Cyrillic symbols. Number of remaining symbols is indicated above the message box.


After entering the text of message please sel ect the phone number from dropdown list to which you want to send a message and press the “Send”.

You can always see when and what messages you did send, since texts are saved together with the texts of other messages.
You contact will see the following text on their phone:
“your e-mail address”: “text of message”

Example: Get on the Agent!! T_T

You contact can reply to this message the same way as to any SMS message. The text of reply will be displayed on the dialog window of your Mail.Ru Agent.

Charge for reply SMS message is 0.70 TJS including VAT and excise tax.

Rates are valid fr om 01.06.2015

There are certain limits introduced in the application to prevent using free SMS to send SPAM messages:
- interval between SMS messages is not less than 1 minute.


Unless it is not the information on lotteries and quizzes is published on Mail.Ru (hereafter “portal”), any messages containing information on drawing prizes or messages requesting the user to send an SMS to the short number are considered illegal distribution.

Account of a user sending this kind of messages will be deleted.
all short number used in the SMS-Agent are the property of portal and information on quizzes on behalf of other companies (including mobile communication Service Providers (Operators)) received through SMS on SMS-Agent Application are false.

Portal is not liable for SMS-messages sent to a user if the user chose to “Make phone number visible to public” in the “Contact information/telephone” Section..


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