Frequently Asked Questions on Internet

Frequently Asked Questions on Internet

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How can I request default settings?
You can request default settings by sending empty SMS-message to number 0510 or by dialing USSD-command of *0510#. In return you will receive internet and MMS configurations that are needed to be installed or saved on your phone.
I saved default settings, but there is no Internet.
Please check whether “Data Exchange” is ON in you device. If not, please switch it on and check again.
Which PIN-number is required to be entered during the saving of default internet settings?
The PIN-number is not required while saving default settings of our company.
What affects the mobile internet speed?
The speed of internet connection may be affected by the model of your phone, its bandwidth, and number of subscribers served by a particular repeater.
I cannot send an MMS.
In order to receive and send an MMS, you are required to setup Internet and MMS on your phone. In order to do so, you should dial USSD Command of *0510# call button and you will receive default Internet and MMS settings required to be installed, or you will receive step by step instructions on manual settings, whereby you can setup Internet and MMS on your phone by yourself. Size of incoming and outgoing MMS should not exceed 300 Kb.
While saving default settings, I get a message: “Only 70 dials are allowed, dialing rejected”. Why? You can save only up to 70 configurations on your phone. It is not possible to save more than that. In order to save new configurations, you are required to go to settings, configurations, standard configuration parameters and delete saved configurations. If there are no saved configurations, then you have to refer to technician with your phone, i.e. it is possible that there are problems with your phone software.
I changed the phone and I do not have access to internet, what should I do?
You are required to setup internet on your new phone. In order to do so, you should dial USSD Command of *0510# call button and you will receive default Internet and MMS settings, which are required to installed, or you will receive a step by step instructions on manual settings of Internet on your new phone.
I had internet access in Khujand, but now I am in Dushanbe and cannot access internet. I did not change settings. What is the problem?
Since there is intra-republican roaming in our network, you have to turn on “data transfer in roaming” in your Mobile Settings menu. Then you can have access to internet.
Why operators cannot setup internet themselves as in many other companies?
We are information service. We have a dedicated department dealing with manual setup of Internet and MMS. Upon referral, they contact subscribers in due order and help them manually setup Internet and MMS.
I need APN of Tcell Company.
APN of our company is Tcell.
What is APN?
APN is the Internet access point.
How can I turn automatic upd ate off on my smartphone?
In order to turn off updates on Android, you should go to Play Market and in “Automatic Update” item of settings menu, you have to set either “never” or “Only via Wi-Fi”.

In order to turn off automatic updates on iOS, it is required to: go to Settings - iTunes Store, App Store – and in “Automatic Update” section remove tick from “Update automatically”
Currently I have access to internet, if I will ins ert SIM-Card to another device, will I continue to have access to Internet?
No, since Internet access is setup on the phone and not on SIM-card. If you ins ert the SIM-card to another device, then you will be required to setup internet on another device in order to use internet.
I have a phone with dual SIM-card, how can I use internet using another SIM-card?
In order to do so, you should go to settings – “SIM-manager” and in “Data exchange network” you should select a SIM-card you want to use to get access to Internet.
Why my traffic spending is high while viewing photos?
Size of pictures is higher than the size of message symbols. Therefore it consumes more traffic.
Please tell me an APN for “Soati Khush (Happy Hour)” Tariff Plan
APN for TP “Soati Khush (Happy Hour)” is: time.
How can I switch my phone fr om 2G network to 3G network?

In order to do so, you have to go to settings – network mode and sele ct 3G, UMTS or WSDMA.
If I turn on data roaming while in Dushanbe, will it not increase the cost of traffic and calls? Since everything is so expensive on roaming mode.
No, since you are still using networks of our company, it will not affect the cost of your calls and traffic.
How can I check the speed of my 4G Modem/Router?
In order to check the speed of your internet connection you may use the following website:
I have data transfer network se t on 4G (LTE), and when I surf internet, people cannot get in touch with me. Instead they get system’s response that the subscriber is switched off or outside the network coverage area. Why is this happening?

The 4G network does not provide voice call services, therefore calls do not reach you. You can activate “Always Online” Service and you will receive SMS-notifications about incoming calls. Thus, you will know about all calls.


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