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Choose your hour

The «Choose your hour» allows you to purchase the package of 60 minutes within the network only for 0.61 TJS including all taxes..

Cost of
Quantity of minutes
per hour
for activation
for activation
Choose your hour
0,61 TJS 60 minutes sending text of 60 to number 255
  • Important to know!
        1. Package is accessible for activation in the following tariff plans: Next 2016, Ajoib 2016, Ajoib mintaqavi 2016, Avvalin* 2016, Bale 2016, Salom 2016 and Salomi Nav. Package expires in case of changing the tariff plan to the tariffs not included in the above mentioned list.
        2. Package is accessible during one hour from the moment of activation.
        3. Number of packages for purchase are not limited by quantity.
        4. If the minute’s package is not used during one hour, unused balance of minutes is annulled, and minutes are not for accumulation.
        5. It is not possible to activate the «Choose Your Hour» if you have any other option with free minutes.


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