Refill of balance

Temporary payment

«Temporary payment» Service is provided to the subscribers with zero balance and at the moment cannot deposit funds on their account, but still need to continue communication.

Number of days after first call of the subscriber
Accessible amount of Temporary payment
Service charge
USSD-command for activation*
     Alternative USSD-command for activation Duration of Temporary payment
№1 From 31 to 180 days
1 TJS 0,20 TJS *120# 5 days
№2 From 181 to 480 days
4 TJS 0,60 TJS  5 days
№3 From 481 days and more
6 TJS 0,70 TJS 5 days

* In case of activation through *120#, the system automatically identifies the subscriber’s lifecycle, and then appropriate amount is activated for the subscriber.
Example: upon activation, the subscriber with lifecycle of more than 480 days gets the maximum amount of deposit accessible for this service – 6 TJS.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax..


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