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Internet packages «G» 2016

You often use Internet?
You are an active user of social networks?
You like to watch a video?

Then our new offer is for you! 

Main package Traffic Monthly fee The cost of 1 MB
over the package
for activation
Option G 250 2016 250 MB 11,21 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 500 2016 500 MB 22,43 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 1000 2016 1000 MB 33,64 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 2000 2016 2000 MB 56,07 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 3000 2016 3000 MB 78,50 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 5000 2016 5000 MB 100,9 TJS 0,10 TJS
Option G 10000 2016 10000 MB 156,99 TJS 0,10 TJS
In order to check the remainder internet traffic of option G 2016 user must dial the USSD-command star.gif8.gif7.gif0.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif or to check through a browser by going to the page

To disable the Option G 2016 to dial the USSD-command twice is needed star.gif8.gif7.gif0.gifstar.gif0.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif. If you disable the option unspent volume of traffic is canceled. 

Prices are inclusive of VAT and excise duty.


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