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Tcell is a company that creates and sustains an environment inspiring each employee to great achievements, creating conditions for cooperation, teamwork, and to obtain the necessary knowledge, in accordance with modern standards, for people with high professional goals. Our employees should be free in the choice of thinking and actions. At the same time, they have to be open to innovations and changes.

for-tcell-carerra04.jpgHere in Tcell you will find a supportive working environment, which include modernly equipped workplaces, latest communications’ technology, meeting places, where you can exchange news and ideas.
We need purposeful, intelligent and active employees. Tcell offers many opportunities for career growth and professional development in technical, commercial and other fields of activity.

No matter where your professional and career goals are – here in Tcell you will find the opportunity to unite your talents and skills towards a common goal.
Join us! We will be glad to see you as part of Tcell team of professionals.
We provide you with a list of existing vacancies in Tcell. To look for an appropriate job, click Create your CV, register, send a CV or fill in the electronic form.
Check out the rules for the handling of vacancies in the User’s Guide.

Note: All requests for vacancies will only be accepted according to the above-mentioned rules. CV and applications for employment sent directly to the office or to e-mail addresses of the company's employees will not be considered!


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