«SMS-Extra» Package

Would you want to send messages to a group of people using one action?
Would you want to make sure that text messages arrive at certain time?
Would you want to send password protected SMS-messages?
Would you want to block unwanted SMS-messages?
Would you want to employ an SMS-Secretary?

Using services of “SMS-Extra” Package you get lot of additional features while sending text messages. While using services of “SMS-Extra” Package, you only pay for outgoing SMS in accordance with your tariff plan.

To activate services of “SMS-Extra” Package, please send a text message containing:
<personal password (space) 1>to number 701.
Password should contain digits – up to 6 symbols
Example: 123456 1 

To change the password, please send a text message containing:
<personal password ><space>PWD or ПАР<space><new password>
Example: 123456 PWD 765432

PWD and ПАР should be written in capital letters.

Upon activation you will get access to the following services:

- Activation charge – free of charge
- Subscription fee – free of charge
- Billing for outgoing SMS messages of the subscriber is according to Tariff Plan of the subscriber
- Rates for SMS messages to 701. 704. 706. and 707 – free of charge


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