Tcell returns 50% of the service cost and gives you a Dushanbe City card!


The leading innovative operator of the country - Tcell and Dushanbe City present a unique offer to subscribers: pay the subscription fee for the tariff and get 50% of the service cost on the co-branded Tcell and Dushanbe City card, which you will receive as a gift!

When buying a SIM card and connecting to Tcell tariff plans "Darkor 30", "Allo 30" and higher, the subscriber is provided with a Dushanbe City card for free, and 50% of the subscription fee is returned to the card in the form of virtual money (points).

Ways to use points from 10% to 50% to pay for Tcell services using the USSD command according to the table:

Service cost
Quantity of points
Command for activation
Social networks
50 TJS
50 TJS
Unlimited Nighttime Internet
30 TJS
10 TJS

Advantages of Dushanbe City cards for subscriber:
Transfer of points to the card in the amount of 50%, provided that the subscription fee is paid at "Darkor30", "Alo30" tariffs and higher; (The service is available only for new subscribers).
For example: When paying a subscription fee at "Darkor30" tariff, 15 points will be credited to the Dushanbe City card.
Possibility of using the card for travel by public transport;
Possibility to pay by card at all service points where Corti Milli is used.
Possibility for withdrawal of funds from the card at all ATMs in the country.

Possibility to use points from 10% to 50% to pay for Tcell services, using USSD command.

Terms and conditions for using the points for Tcell subscribers:
• In order to find out the balance of points, you need to dial the USSD command № *120*99#
• Points can be used only within 3 months from the date of their crediting to the Dushanbe City & Tcell card.
All services, where you can use points, are shown in the table, and the rest of the amount will have to be paid in cash.
The term for providing points and discounts is 6 months from the date of activation of the SIM card.

Tcell and Dushanbe City card:
1. To identify the client, it is necessary to fill in the Application form and the Agreement in order to increase its limit for replenishment and withdrawal from the card.
2. Activation is required to receive a PIN code, USSD code and CVV of a bankcard. All of the above data is provided via SMS to the phone number with which the card was activated.

Express Card can be activated in 2 ways:
а. By phone, USSD request *366*pan-kod*1#
b. By the link on the website

Enter the website, type in the phone number and the PAN-code (card number). Press the “ACTIVATE” button.

USSD - Bank
*366*PAN-card number
*1# – Card activation.
*366*2# – Payment of services.*366*3# – Balance check.
*366*4# – Reports.
*366*5# – card management.
*366*PAN-card number*amount*USSD-code# – transfer to the card.
*366*phone number*amount*USSD-code# – transfer to electronic wallet.
*366*1*phone number*amount*USSD-code# – payment for the mobile phone.