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Internet Sprinter 2016

The unique features of this option for your mobile phone are as follows:
As more mobile internet traffic you consume, the less will be the rate for 1 Mb!

Mb – from
Mb – to
Rate per 1 Mb
Periods of use 0 32
0,32538 10,412116 10,412116
32 64
0,25806 8,25792 18,67008
64 128
0,19074 12,20736 30,88744
128 256
0,12342 15,79776 46,6752
256 512
0,06732 17,23392 63,90912
512 1024
0,0561 28,7232 92,63232
1024 2048
0,04488 45,95712 138,5894
2048 5120
0,03978 120,6374 259,2269
5120 15360
0,03366 344,6784 603,9053
15360 - 0,028 - -

Rates are valid from 01.04.2015

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.

Billing terms for “Internet Sprinter” Option:
Subscription fee – 0.428 TJS. Charging method is lump sum.
Activation – USSD-command: star.gif5.gif9.gif9.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif
Deactivation – USSD-command: star.gif5.gif9.gif9.gifstar.gif0.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif
In order to check current discount, please dial USSD-Command of: star.gif1.gif0.gif5.gifstar.gif9.gif9.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif. Request is free of charge.

For subscribers in PrePaid Tariff Systems:
Subscription fee for TP PrePaid
Service validity period is 30 days from the date of activation. Validity period of this service is equal to the validity period of billing scale.
Upon expiration of validity period, service will be reactivated by default, while option payment is charged again and discount counter is annulled, i.e. discount will be accumulated again.

For subscribers in PostPaid Tariff Systems:
Activation rates for TP “PostPaid”
Validity period of service for PostPaid tariff plans – 1 calendar month. Service may not be renewed. Reactivation is required. Validity period of service is equal to the validity period of the scale.
Service is not accessible in TP “Navruz” and “Next”, as well as in Internet Tariff Plans.
In case of change of tariff from PostPaid to PrePaid and vice versa, service is deactivated.

“Мb – from” and “Mb – to” – is the minimum amount of megabytes required to be spent to get access to a discount.
“Rate for 1Mb” – is rate for 1 Mb of Traffic that changes in accordance with the above mentioned table depending on the amount of used Internet Traffic.
“Rate” – Rate for the amount of used traffic.
“Amount” – total amount of used traffic from zero.

Use of this service is not possible with simultaneous use of the following services:
1) Service of “Internet 250 M”, “Internet 500 M” “Internet 1Gb”, “Internet 2Gb”, “Internet 5Gb”, “Internet 15Gb” (for Tcell subscribers with “92” Prefix).
2) Service “Nochnoi Forsaj (Night Boost)”.
3) Services “Package 25 Mb”, “Package 50 Mb”, “Package 100 Mb”, “Package 250 Mb”, “Package 500 Mb”.
4) Internet traffic as per tariff plan.

“Internet Sprinter” Option provides larger internet traffic on your mobile phone for lesser money!


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