Annual pack 2019

Annual pack 2019

Tcells «Annual package 2019»- Unlimited calls within the network, and GBs of internet for the entire year! You can activate the package for yourself and gift to your friends and family, and stay connected throughout 2019.

Annual package 2019 - 299
Annual package 2019 - 499
Minutes package
Unlimited within the netwok (except of tariff Next) Unlimited within the netwok (except of tariff Next)
Internet traffic package
20 000 MB
40 000 MB
Yearly fee
299 somoni
499 somoni
Command to connect
Command to connect as a gift for another subscriber
*444*299*Subscriber number#
*444*499* Subscriber number #
Command to check remaining MBs

  • It is important to know

        1.If the subscriber has active Oson, Fason, or Darkor tariff lines, then during the activation of «Annual package», tariff of the subscriber automatically changes to tariff «Avvalin 2016». If the subscriber does not want to move to «Avvalin 2016» and wants to keep his/her tariff (i.e. Fason, Oson, Darkor), the subscriber must dial the following commands:
        *444*299*1# - For 299 somoni package.
        *444*499*1# - For 499 somoni package.
        It means, the customer pays the “Annual package 2019” only once, and the other applicable fees will also be charged separately.
        2.When the subscriber activates the G and G + options, the first priority for using the traffic will be for the G and G + packets.
        3.Activation option «Unlimited Smartphone» is only available once the given data traffic of the package is consumed.
        4.IVR (interactive voice response) – 444
        5.Subscribers with active “Annual package 2019” cannot activate “New Year Package 2019 – B2B), and upon the activation will be notified, that he/she already has an annual pack. However the subscriber can gift the “New Year Package 2019 – B2B) to his friend and family.
        6.While gifting the Annual Package 2019 to friends and family, if the recipient is on Fason, Oson, Darkor or Imtiyoz tarrifs, then the subscriber has to confirm staying on the same tariff by dialing USSD command * 444*2, else the customer’s tariff will be changed to Avvalin 2016 by default.
        7.If the subscriber, who was presented, did not activate the “Annual Package 2019” within 20 minutes, the subscriber initiating the gift is notified by SMS.
        8.When changing the tariff, the subscriber on the balance must have an amount more than 300 somoni.
        9.Upon activation/gifting of the package the initiating-subscriber should not have less than the price of the pack on his account.
        10.Upon the expiry of the “Annual Package 2019”, the subscribers whose tariffs were changed to Avvalin 2016, will be migrated back to original tariffs (i.e. Oson, Fason, Darkor or Imtiyoz).
        11.If an “Annual Package 2019” user activates “Night Unlimited”, the first priority will be given to the latter during the night, while he/she normally consumes the MBs from the annual pack during the day.