Service centers in Sughd region

In order to get sufficient support in service centers you need to bring a passport of the citizen of Republic of Tajikistan (identification card) for locals and international passport with valid registration card for foreigners.

Address and opening hours
Khujand, 20nd md. 2, R. Hojiev street
Mo - Fri, 07:30-19:00
Sat - Su, 08:00-18:00 

  • Tariff сhange
  • Replacement of a SIM-card
  • Number change
  • Itemization of calls
  • Re-execution of сontract
  • SIM-card Lock
  • Roaming activation
  • Activation of additional services
  • Refilling the balance without commission
  • Number selection
  • Change of SIM-card format to Micro and Nano-SIM
  • Technical support for setting GPRS, MMS, 3G and 4G
  • Testing of devices (modem, router) on 3G and 4G networks                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  • 4G USB Modem
  • 4G WiFi Router
  • 3G USB Modem
Khujand, 164, K. Khujandi street
Khujand, 5A, Lenin street (TC "Taj City")
Khujand, 1, Sharq street (market "Panshanbe")
Khujand, underground crossing №1 (store №35, 36, 37)
Khujand, 201A, Lenin street
Chkalovsk, 20, Rudaki street
Chkalovsk, 2, Lenin street
B. Gafurov district,
jamoat Kostakoz,
5A, H. Kenjaev street
Istiqlol, 1st district, TC building
Asht district, vil. Shaidon, 91A, I. Somoni street
Isfara, 21, Markazi street
Isfara, 18, Lenin street (building of the hotel "Isfara")
Isafara, jamoat Chorku, Guzar
Kanibadam, 234A (246/1), Lenin street 
Istaravshan, 3, Umarov street (front of the hotel "Guli Surh")
Istaravshan, A. Umarov street (building of central market)
Gonchi district, 11, Bobosalomova street
Zafarabod, Ura-Tyubinskaya (market "Badakhshon")
Matchoh district, jamoat Obburdon (central market)
Spitamen district, jamoat Nau, 1, E. Usuf street
Kuhistoni Mastchoh district, jamoat Ivan Tojik, vil. Hadishahr
Panjakent, 86, Rudaki street
Panjakent, 157, Rudaki street
Panjakent, vil. Gusar Lenin
Panjakent, 5, Rudaki avenue
Panjakent, vil Gusar, Rudaki street
Jamoat Vorukh, mahalya
"Sari kurun"
Jamoat Buston, 18/2 I. Somoni street


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