"Tcell" provides subscribers with the services of Mobile Internet access. Now, Internet will be always available, when you need it. Thanks to mobile internet access service, you can stop depending on lines and wires, just a laptop and a mobile phone connected to Tcell network allow you working and communicating with friends all the time and anywhere.

GPRS (GeneralPacketRadio Service) is a technology of package data transfer that allows receiving and sending information at significantly higher speed using mobile phone comparing to the standard voice channel of GSM (9.6 kbps). Theoretical maximum speed of GPRS is 171.2 kbps. In other words, GPRS provides you with Internet connection using your phone.

In order to use the GPRS Service, the Tcell subscriber has to activate and set it. To do so, it is required to send an empty SMS message to number 0510. After few minutes you will get service messages on your phone, which are to be saved or set as default.

It is also possible to enter settings manually.
After activation of GPRS, you can:

In order to use this service, please make sure that your phone supports GPRS standards (please see device’s manual) and add GPRS Service.
Further, it is required to enter access point data (APN): tcell

Data required to setup WAP
Version of WAP-browser Versions of WAP-browser 2.0
Access point (APN) wap wap
WAP Gateway
Port 9201 3128
Message Server N/A N/A

Mobile Internet Service provides you with possibility to access internet from your mobile phone. Data packaging service and appropriate equipment to connect a mobile phone to PC are prerequisite for internet access. In order to access the internet, you have to make certain changes in your computer settings.

In order to setup remote access to Windows 95, it is required to:

Your PC is ready for connection. Please select “Tcell” Icon in Remote Access window to connect to Internet; further please enter any name using Latin letters in the “Name” box. Leave “Password” box empty. Please check telephone number used to setup connection and press “Connect” Button.

In case of connection problems, please check Remote Access settings:


Services of WAP/GPRS/MMS are not guaranteed on grey or unlocked (unlocked fr om firmware version of the operator, such as T-Mobile or Vodafone) phones.
While using GPRS, the subscriber is charged for total amount of sent and received data. No charge will be made for broadcast time (connection time).
Activation of GPRS Service provides opportunity to get access to resources of GPRS-Internet, GPRS-WAP, as well as ability to exchange MMS messages. Adding and canceling the GPRS Service is free of charge.


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