4G modems

4G USB modem Huawei Е3372

Cost of set is 250 TJS

It is a 4G USB Modem for personal use on desktop and laptop computers. The 4G USB Modem of Huawei E3372 does not require special installation. It is enough to simply ins ert it into USB Port and the software will automatically open in the window of your internet browser. For total amount of 250 TJS we offer a USB Modem and 4G Internet S as a bonus for the period of 1 month. Upon request of the subscriber, it is possible to change the 4G Package upon additional payment of sufficient amount.

Purchasing the “4G Modem” Set, you get:
* Video Portal package can be used by accessing special site with huge number of Movies, Serials, TV Shows, Music and other. 1 hour of video content is approximately equal to 1000 Mb. Video Portal sites are the following:WWW.NAMBA.TJ, WWW.MEGOGO.NET (video portal package is accessible only in 4G Network)

Specifications of the Modem:

Additional package:

Terms of 4G Tariff Packages:
  1. Package validity Period: 30 days
  2. Tariff package will be reactivated by default at every 30 days. Subscription is deducted by default at the moment of reactivation.
  3. In case there is no sufficient amount on the subscriber’s account to cover subscription fee, then the Tariff services are suspended. In order to continue with tariff, you need to deposit sufficient amount to cover subscription fee on your account.
  4. Unused balance of Packages will be annulled and will not accumulate.
  5. Access to the service is suspended upon completion of the package traffic. It is required to purchase additional package to continue using internet access.
  6. Internet access package and Video Portal Package are spent independent of each other.
  7. Change of tariff plan is possible after deposit of amount sufficient to cover the subscription fee of desired option.
  8. It is recommended to se t network type on your device to “4G Only”.


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