Tcell returns money for a new passport!


Tcell announces the launch of a unique program in Tajikistan to compensate citizens for the new passports issuance!

This proposal is unique for Tajikistan. Tcell will return the amount needed to get a new passport (ID card) - 120 somoni directly to your mobile balance!

To receive the cashback, you need to visit any customer service center with a new passport and connect to the Tcell network for Darkor 59 tariff plans and above. Payments will be made directly to the balance of a mobile phone on a monthly basis and amount to 120 somoni.

The passport of the new sample (ID-card) is required for the procedure of re-registration, replacement or purchase of SIM-cards. If you are not a Tcell subscriber yet, you can always contact our service centers to purchase a SIM-card and connect to the network with a new passport. Moreover, with the help of the cashback campaign you will get the cost of obtaining a passport to your balance!

The cashback campaign starts from July 15.

Implementing this project, Tcell primarily takes care of the society in which it operates. Tcell as a brand aims to contribute to the improvement of the community, showing social responsibility, offering the latest technology, convenient service and innovative solutions for consumers in Tajikistan.



Tcell is the largest telecommunications company in Tajikistan, the only shareholder of which is the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). AKFED is an international development agency dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of economically sustainable enterprises. AKFED is one of the agencies of the AKDN system - a network of private development agencies that are aimed at improving the opportunities and living conditions of the peoples of the developing world. AKDN agencies work for the public good of all citizens, regardless of their nation, gender or religion. AKDN aims to contribute to the development of economically active, politically sustainable, intellectually diverse and culturally tolerant Tajikistan.

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