Tcell gives gifts in honor of its 20th anniversary!

In 2020, the leading innovative operator of the country – Tcell, celebrates its anniversary: for 20 years already, Tcell has been presenting modern technologies to Tajikistan, speeding up the development of telecommunication sphere of the country. Since the commercial launch of the company, Tcell has come a long way to the position of the leading telecommunication operator of the country, with the largest market share, wide retail network and the most innovative technological solutions.

Tcell expresses its deep gratitude to all subscribers who choose Tcell as their telecom operator. The largest gift campaign for Tcell subscribers will be "Catch the Luck-2020", in which the company will present 6 Hyundai cars over RT, laptops, smartphones (iPhone), Smart TV and much more! This campaign is held throughout the country and subscribers of the company can participate in it. The novelty of the campaign "Catch the Luck" in 2020 - upon receipt of each ID number, the subscriber will receive 20 MB of Internet traffic as a gift! The more ID - the more gift megabytes and chances to win!

Details of the campaign:

The company will give a silver number to every Tajik who turned 20 this year - the same as Tcell! To do this you should apply to any service center with your passport.

Also, couples who are celebrating a "porcelain" wedding this year - 20 years of marriage, will also receive paired silver numbers from the company! To do this, in any customer service center, you need to show a marriage certificate.

Tcell is proud to be at the origins of the acceleration of technological development of our homeland and looks forward boldly. Thanks to each subscriber, we accelerate on the way to the technological future!

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