Tariff plan «4G Internet 2016»

Buying the traffic bulk in the tariff plan "Internet 4G”, you get traffic for video portals as a GIFT!

Tariff option
Monthly fee
Basic package for Internet access Gift package for video portals* Recommendation for the use of the Internet packages Activation/Change between the options
4G Internet S 100,9 TJS 7500 Mb
7500 Mb
Google, E-mail, Social network, Youtube
4G Internet M 156,9 TJS 15000 Mb
45000 Mb
Google, E-mail, Social network, Downloading, Online games, Youtube
4G Internet L 275,0 TJS 30000 Mb
75000 Mb
Google, E-mail, Social network, Downloading, Online games, Youtube
4G Internet XL 475,0 TJS 60000 Mb
120000 Mb
Google, E-mail, Social network, Downloading, Online games, Youtube
4G Internet XXL 720 TJS 80 000 Mb 200 000 Mb Google, E-mail, Social network, Downloading, Online games, Youtube
4G Internet 3XL 1040 TJS 120 000 Mb 300 000 Mb Google, E-mail, Social network, Downloading, Online games, Youtube
* Package for video portals can be spent by visiting special sites with huge number of Movies, Serials, TV Shows, Music and many others. 1 hour of video content is equal to approximately 1000 Mb. Addresses of video portals: WWW.MEGOGO.NET (package for video portals available only in a 4G network)

Prices valid form 30.03.2016
Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.

Supervision of the remainder of Internet traffic is available via the web-page balance.tcell.tj or USSD-command: star.gif5.gif5.gif4.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif

Additional package Traffic volume Price
Basic package for Internet access 300 Mb 10,19 TJS
1000 Mb 20,38 TJS
Gift package for video portals 2000 Mb 15,29 TJS
  • Tariff plan change
      1. Switching to tariff plan «Internet 4G 2016» via USSD-command is available for following tariff plans: Ajoib mintaqavi, Avvalin* 2016, Ajoib 2016, Salom 2016, Bale 2016, Double Unlimited, Unlimited 4G 2016, Internet, Fason, Oson and Suhbati bemalol. While switching to tariff plan «Internet 4G 2016» all remains of additional packages minutes, SMS, GPRS traffic shall be canceled.
      2. Reverse transfer from the tariff plan «Internet 4G 2016» available in tariff plans of lines Fason, Oson and Double Unlimited tariff plan.
  • Advantages
    • High-speed unlimited Internet.
    • Gift package for access to video portals: WWW.MEGOGO.NET
    • Control and management of the volume of packages through the web page: balance.tcell.tj
  • Important to know!
    1. The tariff plan «Internet 4G 2016» recommended to use on tablets, modems and routers.
    2. In order to use tariff plan "Internet 4G 2016”, you need:
    • Be sure you are in a 4G coverage area
    • Have a phone that supports 4G standart (frequency of LTE 800 MHz, Band20)
    • Make sure your SIM-card is working in 4G network, checking through a USSD-command: star.gif8.gif7.gif1.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif
    • To select the type of 4G network in the phone settings.
    3. The use of basic package for Internet access is available in 3G and 4G networks.
    4. Gift package for video portals is available only in 4G network.
    5. Validity period of the tariff option - 30 days after monthly fee charge.
    6. At the end of the expiration date, tariff option reactivates automatically, if at the time of removal of monthly fee the balance is sufficient; the unspent balance of the package is canceled. Additional packages are available for purchase on page: balance.tcell.tj 
    7. If one of the package is over access to this direction is blocked until new additional package is purchased or tariff option re-connected.
    8. Validity of additional packages limited by the validity of corresponding basic tariff option. For example, the main tariff option is connected in August 10th. So, the end date of the basic package will be September, 9 (30 days). If the main package is consumed ahead of time, and you have purchased an additional package, for example, August 21, the validity of the acquired additional package will be also September 9.
    9. If you do not pay new month fee tariff option goes into a lock mode (standby), until the moment the balance refilled on a sufficient amount.
    10. Attention! Traffic for viewing internal video portals while using anonymizers (VPN) consumed from basic internet package and Internet speed is reducing.


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