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Voice SMS

«Voice SMS» is a service of short voice messages sent to the subscriber in case of his inaccessibility or busy status.

In order to send a short voice message it is necessary to dial star.gif1.gif4.gif4.gifstar.gif the subscriber's number Untitled-2-111111`.gif. After the sound signal, dictate the voice message and press hash.gif or hang up. The maximum recording time is 30 seconds. The system will try to deliver the recorded voice message automatically to the incoming call to the recipient from the number *144*sender's number.
After receiving the SMS notification, the recipient can listen to it by calling to number 144. When you call 144, the subscriber will automatically lose the voice messages left for him in chronological order.

Sending and receiving short voice messages, tariffication of calls to numbers 144, and *144*number of the recipient are free of charge. The daily fee price is 0,35 TJS/day.
For service deactivation needs a request to star.gif1.gif4.gif4.gifstar.gif0.gifhash.gifUntitled-2-111111`.gif
After 7 consecutive days of inactivity, the subscriber is automatically deactivated.


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