Smartfone + package!

Tcell offers you a convenient solution when purchasing devices - «Smartphone + package».

Buy at competitive prices phones, smartphones and tablets at the company's service centers and Tajset mobile phone stores and get a SIM-card from Tcell and a bonus of 900 on-net minutes (except TP Next), 1500 SMS to RT (except content providers) and 1500 free MB for 3 months!

And when buying a tablet you get a bonus of 3000 MB for 3 months!
The minutes, SMS and megabytes are divided equally into 3 months and activated with mandatory top-up for smartphones in the amount of 10 TJS and tablets in the amount of 20 TJS.

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Addresses of service centers, where you can purchase the devices:

1. «Tcell Plazа» Service center, 34, Rudaki avenue;
2. «Rudaki 91» Service center, 91, Rudaki avenue;
3. «9th km» Service center, 269, Aini street;
4. «Sahovat» Service center, 77, N. Karabaev street;
5. «Sadbarg», Service center, 6A, Rudaki avenue;
6. «Guliston» Service center, 4, N. Karabaev street;
7. «Green market» Service center, 5A, N. Muhammad street.

«Tursunzade» Service center, 6, I. Somoni street.

1. «Kulyab 1» Service center, 5, I. Somoni street;
2. «Kulyab 2» Service center, 1, Borbad street.

1. «Kurgan 1» Service center, 21, Mirzokadirov street;
2. «Kurgan 2» Service center, 63, Vahdat street.

Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region:
«GBAR» Service center, Khorog. 48, Lenin street.

1. «Asia Link» Service center, 164, K. Khujandi street;
2. «20 md» Service center, 50 years of the USSR street;
3. «Taj City» Service center, 5A, Lenin street.

«Panjakent» Service center, Rudaki avenue.

“Isfara” Service center, near the central bazar in the center of the city.



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