PIN and PUK codes

PIN and PUK-codes – digital password to protect your SIM-card. They are listed on a plastic base and given to you together with the SIM-card.

How to switch off the PIN code?
Depending on your phone model disable PIN-code request can be as follows: Menu → Settings/Preferences → Lock/Security → the SIM lock (or any other menu item with the acronym SIM) → PIN code request/Request password (or any other item with the acronym PIN) → Disable.

At the same time you need to enter PIN1. If you enter the wrong PIN-code three times, the card will be blocked.

PUK code change is impossible.

What to do if you forgot/lost PIN or PUK code?

You can get your PIN or PUK through one of the ways:

PIN and PUK codes can be provided only to the owner of number. When contacting the Contact Centre you must provide passport information or secret word (if set). In the service center you will need a passport.

What to do if the SIM-card is blocked?
Enter the PUK code that you got included with your SIM-card. To set the PUK code 10 attempts are stipulated. If you dialed incorrect PUK code 10 times, the sim card is blocked completely, and you will have to get a new one. This phone number is stored.


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