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Call Details

Call Details - a printout of the received mobile services for a certain period. call details you can check whom and when you had a call at what cost, to what numbers and when SMS messages where sent and received, when and how much Internet traffic spent for the selected period. The call details does not contain information on subscription fees, one-time payments, payment for the equipment. In this regard, the sum in Call details may differ from the amount indicated in the Billing invoice. Also call details may be incomplete at the moment of print and subsequently supplemented, including roaming services. The final call details is formed after 30 days.

In the service center Call details can be provided only for the last 3 months. At any time, you may order the call details in the main service centers of Tcell or through the contact person of your corporate group. To get the call details printout in the main service center it is needed to provide the appropriate application form.It is possible to order Call details on every number of the corporate group separately for the period of the past 3 months. It is possible to get call details printed out on paper.

The cost of call details is 10 TJS per each phone number per month and can be provided in hard copy, sent by e-mail to the contact person and copied to the external portable storage.

Regular invoice

Detailed balance report in the regular invoice contains general information about top-ups and expenditures, as well as detailed information on charges for calls, SMS, MMS, Internet traffic, and active services for the current month by each number of the corporate group.

The document containы information for the period from 1st to 30th day of the last month. Regular invoice free of charge.


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