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Call Filter

Subscribers of “Call Filter” service are provided the possibility of blocking incoming calls from unwanted callers (option “Black list”) or the permission for incoming calls from certain phone numbers (“White list” option).

You yourself store subscriber numbers in the list of services (one or the other option) and decide whether the caller reaches you or not.

You can either block or allow incoming calls from a specific subscriber of any mobile operator in Tajikistan, fixed-lines or NGN numbers.
Callers whose numbers are listed in the “Black list”, and for whom a ban is set, hear a single cancellation signal when trying to call.
Callers whose numbers are listed in the "White list" and for whom permissions are set will get through to subscribers; all other calls from phone numbers that are not included in the “White list” will hear a single cancellation signal.

Number dialing rules for inclusion in the “Call Filter” service


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