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Voice entertainment service «Fun Call»

There is a new entertaining service on Tcell network! The «Fun Call» Service allows making calls to all subscribers of Tcell Network using altered voice. Prank your friends and make them smile and have fun!

Within the «Fun Call» Service, you get to choose any of the proposed voices and dial the number of Tcell subscriber that you want to call to using altered voice. There ae 11 different voice models available in the system:

To make use of this service, please place a free call to 0990 and simply follow instructions of voice menu.

 «Fun Call» Service also allows recording voice message with altered voice and review it to see how will your selected voice sound in altered mode.

Service Cost
Disable methods
«Fun Call» Service
0,34 TJS/day*
USSD-command Voice call**
* First three days are free.
** In order to unsubscribe, please select the «Subscription Management» Menu and follow voice instructions to unsubscribe.

Rates are indicated in TJS including VAT and excise tax.

If the balance is insufficient for daily fee removal the service is blocked until new top up of the balance.


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