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The service «Corporate melody instead of beeps» allows corporate customers to replace the standard beeps heard by calling subscriber who dials the phone numbers of employees of corporate clients for whom corporate melody is set.


How does it work?
Corporate melody can be used as special greeting or hymn of the company. Unique ringtones can be set for employees from different departments: sales department, secretary, support services, etc.

Corporate melody is used alternative to regular beep call on an indefinite period or for a specific period on a daily basis. Changing beep can be made for all subscribers of the corporate group or selectively for specific individuals.

The service «Corporate melody instead of beeps» can be only connected to corporate numbers which are registered to a company.
To connect the service, customer needs to sign Supplementary Agreement to the Main Contract on provision of mobile telecommunication services, provide appropriate completed forms as well as provide corporate melody file in the following format:

Format: A-law
File format: *.WAV
Sampling frequency: 8 kHz
Channels: Mono
Transmission speed: 64 Kbit/sec
Duration: 45 s/20 s (content/demo)
Maximum level (the maximum level of file information): 7 MB

For sign up questions, please contact your account manager or call hotline number 220. Calls to short number 220 – 1st minute is free, second minute and up is 0.10 TJS/minute.

It is important to know!
If the subscriber is blocked due to insufficient funds on the balance, deactivation or suspension of the services within 180 days, in this case, their profile will be deleted completely.

All prices are in TJS and inclusive of VAT and excise tax.


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