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Tcell 4G Coverage Area
The 4G Network broadcasts in Dushanbe, Tursunzade, Nurek, Kurgan-Tyube, Khujand, Chkalovsk, Qairoqqum and Gafurov cities, and settlements of Khistevarz, Vodnik, Ghoziyon, Unji, as well as within the territory of Bahoriston Resort on the shore of Qairoqqum Water Reservoir.

What are devices that operate within Tcell 4G Network?
The Tcell 4G (LTE) is designed to operate at the frequency of 800MHz Band 20. If you already have a device that is compatible with 4G LTE, then please ensure that the specifications of your device comply with the Tcell 4G Network. We also offer you a choice of 4G USB Modem Huawei E3372 and 4G WiFi router ZTE MF253

Where to purchase 4G from Tcell?
Sel ect fr om one of the nearest Service Centers:




What is the speed of my 4G?
Average download speed in 4G network is 30 mbps, and maximum download speed may reach up to 50 mpbs.
Download speed values depend on many special factors: device specifications (modem, router, tablet and smartphone), local terrain features, weather conditions, number of subscribers with 4G devices operating within the same “cell”.

How can I check the speed of my 4G?
To check the speed within Dushanbe city please visit
to check the speed within Sughd Oblast, please visit
also, we recommend to install Speedtest application for smartphones using Android OS and iOS. Before testing, please select the server Dushanbe Tcell or Khujand Tcell server depending on your location..


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